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Website Dying Hippos

Rock & Roll

The rock band Dying Hippos was very popular from 2007 to 2014. They came to us asking to develop a website. It had to be in WordPress, because they knew the system, so they could do the content updates themselves.


Furthermore, there was a requirement that the design conveyed the feeling of live performances: colourful, chaotic, lots of videos and the text had to be a bit strange.

By using many images, a slide-ability between pages and automatic switching backgrounds, the sense of their live music was transferred as much as possible. Some pages even began to play parts of the songs.


Even though the content management system was WordPress, there was a lot custom made. The theme was built specifically for Dying Hippos and functionality was strengthened by various plugins. A nice piece of webdesign.

Since the band (sadly) no longer exists, their is no url leading to their website anymore. That’s why we have added screenshots of the website here. this way you at least get an idea of what the website looked like.

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