Webdesign en online communicatie


Website development

  • Analyse the wishes and goals of the company for digital outings;
  • Design the visual appearance, also possible by using the corporate identity;
  • Coding and setting up a website so it can be used safely by visitors and customers;
  • Set up of the hosting and using correct user management;
  • Marketing the website so it can be found (SEO) and is connected to other services, like Google Company and social media.
  • Creating webshops and e-commerce websites.

Social Media

  • Creating a social media communication plan: what content to use, which target groups and within which platforms;
  • Social advertising (sponsored messages);
  • Managing the different social media networks (place content)
  • Making content specific for social media, Facebook apps, short video’s, infographics, articles;


  • Infographics from your data or data from a source to help in your presentation;
  • Banners (HTML5, Gif) for both mobile as well as for websites.


  • Editing video files;
  • 2D animations.

Online advertising

  • Organizing and monitoring of campaigns such as Google, Bing, etc.;
  • Creating text advertisements, pictures and interactive banners for different sites.


  • Creating a content plan for a website. Suggest navigation, titles and order.
  • Write short and goal oriented text that speaks to the target audience of the website or social media follower.